Craft your own dope earrings with Seville Michelle

About this Event

Seville’s created jewelry for Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and more, and her signature style takes iconic pieces and makes eye-catching statement pieces.

Seville Michelle creates jewelry that’s the combination of glamor and utility, her signature leather bamboo earrings are hand-made with imported Italian leather. Inspired by the streets of New York City in the 1990's, her work has been embraced by some of the biggest names in music.

Walker Wear x Seville Michelle



April Walker

What about Seville Michelle is unique?

Seville Michelle has a design aesthetic that is crazy, sexy, cool. The way she reimagines hoops and earrings and intertwines them with the finest leathers is a gift. How is she different from other designers? She has a special NYC story and growing up in this city gave her a unique perspective and creative backdrop. Her imagination covers the "around the way girl", the "boss up" women, or the girl next door. She creates beautiful pieces of art and manages to make each woman feel special. Also, her jewelry gives me a bit of nostalgia but still keeps me fly in 2021. 

How did you first learn aboutAprilWalker/ Seville Michelle?

I first learned about Seville Michelle Jewelry on Instagram. I started seeing these dope earrings pop up on my feed and then I started seeing familiar faces and tastemakers wearing them. I found out that Seville Michelle had a separate page and that's how I found out about her.

Seville Michelle

Why did you want to do this collaboration? 
April Walker/Seville Michelle? For so many years I have seen April Walker's work and we have so many mutual friends both inside and outside the fashion industry. The street culture in New York City is so tight knit -- working together seemed like a logical and fluid coming together of two brands that innovate and challenge the limits of creativity as a whole. Breaking trends is rare in our industry, seeing other people who do the same is comforting.  

How important is it for women to support each other? 

Aligning with women business owners is something I am always interested in doing. I've been my own island for almost 13 years. I am always inspired by women who pioneer their own way and I gravitate to them. 

What do you love about the April Walker's brand?

My brand motto is "Earrings come in all shapes, colors and sizes" -- it reflects the position I have on diversity and inclusion. Growing up with immigrant parents from two different ethnicities in Queens, NY instilled in me early on that social diversity is king. As a Greek/ Cuban New Yorker I take diversity in my brand very seriously. I always think of the girl driving the bus, riding the bus and the artist that same girl is listening to on the bus, and design for all of them. 




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