SevIlle MIchelle

"Reimagining the jewelry of my youth is how I celebrate my community. I design lifestyle accessories for the people, with all people in mind."


Born and raised in New York City (by a Cuban mother and a Greek father), Seville Michelle is a self-taught jewelry designer who brings her unique background to life in her work by re-imagining the accessories of her youth. Growing up immersed in the fashion and jewelry trends of the 1990’s, Seville wore large doorknocker earrings, big gold chains that shimmered with pendants of religious saints, and icons throughout her adolescent life. Her creative palette expanded beyond chunky gold jewelry in the glamorous nightlife scene of the mid 90’s. As a designer she merges street style with luxury in a very New York City way, always referencing her city life roots, and identity. 
Seville entered the design world in 2009 with a full line of epaulets (shoulder jewelry), a concept never before seen, sites her as being the inventor of the edgy concept. Patricia Field’s store in New York became a flagship for Seville’s eponymous line of accessories, a personal accomplishment for her since she spent years as a patron. With the support of the House of Field, Seville began developing new concepts, and emerged from her “think tank” with an idea that would captivate trendsetters, and tastemakers alike. "The fantasy for me of wrapping the doorknocker earring in Italian leather was like adding diamonds to a Casio." Her earrings quickly grew a cult following, among some of the biggest names in music, international press and retail attention followed. The earrings were soon carried at Nordstrom and Mario Testino photographed a pair on Nicole Kidman for the 2012 Fall issue of V magazine. In 2017 her signature leather doorknocker earrings were featured on the front cover of as well as in the pages of Vogue Japan. A Queens, NY native, Seville was personally invited by Roxanne Shante to be the consulting jewelry designer of Shante’s Netflix film, Roxanne Roxanne; officially bridging her New York City upbringing and her accrued fashion lexicon.
With her popularity rising among the most creditable in fashion, she was asked to design an earring for the NBA playoff in 2018. She is often brought in to design/ creative direct and produce VIP/ jewelry tour merchandise for major entertainers such as Mercyful Fate, Keshi, Conan Gray, Clinton Kane, Blackpink and H.E.R. She's been featured in Forbes, Complex and The Boston Globe for her outstanding contributions in fashion.  In 2022, Atmos, a reputable streetwear store asked her to design accessories and produce her celebrated earring workshops in partnership with Air Jordan brand in Philadelphia, PA and Harlem, NY.  You can find Seville's jewelry in stores across America, and on some of the biggest names in music and entertainment. After 13 years designing she was invited to join the coveted Accessories Council, (the CFDA of jewelry).                                                                                                 

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