How to Care for your Seville Michelle Jewelry


To preserve the life and shine of your gold plated jewelry we encourage you to remove it when washing your hands, cleaning your home, swimming, exercising, and before applying any kind of personal body product. Certain soaps, lotion, makeup, hair and cleaning products can dull the luster of your jewelry’s shine.

Leather Bamboo Earrings: 

Your leather bamboo earrings are handmade and although very durable there are some tips you should be aware of to preserve the life of your earrings. Avoid exposing your earrings to beaches and ocean water as the salt content eats away at leather and can cause your earrings to break apart. If your earrings get wet with salt or fresh water, it is best to pat them dry, avoid using a hair dryer or radiator as this can cause the adhesive holding your earrings together to separate from the base of the earring. Clean your earrings with a damp cloth of distilled water, do not scrub as that may remove the finishing style of the leather to rub off. Avoid using any cleaning agents or soaps as this will strip the leather’s essential nutritions and oils, and cause the leather to crack.